About me

My name is Szymon (Shimon) and I originally come from Poland, where I grew up and caught my joy of learning alternative medicine. It started with my auntie who was doing Reiki and it helped for many ailments, mostly used on painful muscles and flu symptoms. Still back in Poland and Norway, where I lived after studies, I have been learning different energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness Bars, Huna.

When I came to Australia in 2012 – I have came across Emotional Freedom Technique, a technique so simple that anyone can learn, but so powerful, that I use to treat almost anything – from headaches, through digestion problems to chronic ailments that traditional medicine has problems to resolve.
 It took me a while to get used to the simplicity of EFT, it still amazes me how simple it is.
At the time of great discovery I was working as a chef, the kind of chef that couldn’t cope with stress. When I was getting more than 5 orders at once (and during lunchtime there can be 20 orders stacked), I was going to freeze response. My legs would soften, and my brain would simply stop working. I wanted to run away, but reason kept me in that kitchen for a bit longer.
On the lunch break I went outdoor to sit down and tap. In about 10 minutes I realised, that cooking is my job and it’s not much of a deal how many orders there is. All of them need to be done, so I shouldn’t stress.
I went back to work for round two of the day – the dinner. It was busy, but something inside of me was different. I was working without stressing out! One order after another, after another and so on. No stress response whatsoever. That was huge to me, as I was struggling with that response for 4 years. With EFT I changed a dreaded feeling into fun! I started to enjoy the busyness of the kitchen.
After tapping (because when going through EFT session you tap on acupuncture points) on many other of my issues, mostly emotional baggage from the past, I started practising on my friends. It came with ease and they were experiencing major shifts in their lives almost instantly. That was the decision point to share my skills and knowledge with others.

I created Healing Techniques on 15th of July 2015 and I’m seeing clients since then.