The emotional stress of feeling helpless, growing up with parents fighting constantly, had taken it’s toll on my confidence and self esteem. Meeting with Szymon made me aware of the negative impact this exposure had on me today.

Through Matrix Reimprinting, Szymon held my hand, literally, guiding me through my ECHO (my younger self) re-experiencing my past traumas in order to ease the negative attachments I had unconsciously been holding onto. Over just one session, I understood why I’ve struggled with standing up for myself, until now where I am able to let it go and in turn replace this trauma with positive memories and kind thoughts.

Thank you Szymon for helping me release these negative emotions. You have inspired me to learn this technique to help free others.


After going through a traumatic experience recently, a friend recommended I go see Szymon for a healing session.

With Szymon’s help, I was able to revisit the event, and extract any pain from the memory. Since our session together, I have felt at peace within myself.

Thank you, Healing Techniques. It’s rare that you come across talent like Szymon.


Szymon has been working on me for a year and a half on issues such as childhood traumas, anger issues, physical ailments and every day issues such as work related stress and smoking. I can’t begin to express how much it has change my life. I’m no longer triggered by my childhood traumas, which for me was something really hard to talk about. I found, that with Szymon there is no judgment and I was able to speak freely about my issues therefore it’s helped me be a much more open, stronger and happier person. I don’t have problems with going to the toilet anymore and I’m am no longer a smoker! Szymon is fantastic therapist that knows how to get straight to the cause of this issue and help you work through it bringing awareness and great emotional relief. I find that after every session with Szymon I leave the room feeling light and empowered.
I would definitely recommend anyone to see him, not only will he help you with your issues, he will provide you with the tools to help you take the first steps into transforming you life.



Having recently found out about EFT and Matrix re-Imprinting, I was super keen to give it a go. I sat down with Szymon and he described the technique and the process involved prior to the session.
When we began, we discussed how I was feeling at the present time, the most recent scenario that had allowed these feelings to surface, and worked backwards from there dissecting each scenario that had lead to me feeling this way.
I was shocked at how far back we had gone, navigating through the depths of my matrix, and not stopping until we had reached the very core of it. Back then, was where I found a solution to my problem. Re-imprinting that core scenario allowed me to conquer all other scenarios that we stumbled upon in the same way (Domino effect).
This technique took a load off my shoulders, and left me feeling rejuvenated with a much clearer view – not only of the most recent scenario, but on some neglected ones that had accumulated and remained hidden over the years. I highly recommend everyone to give it a go. I am truly grateful for the session with Szymon.



I went into the session without a clear idea of what I wanted to work through; I was just curious to try it. Szymon helped me feel comfortable in the beginning by educating me on what matrix reimprinting is and how it works.
During the session itself, he walked me through one simple step at a time what to think about or what to do, which made the process easy, and led me to an area of focus for the session – a trauma that I had never though of as a trauma: being teased at age 4 when a boy at school commented that he could see my underwear when I bent over in my dress.
His method helped me recreate that memory in a way that removed the negative feelings I had associated with it so I could release the baggage that came along with it and – unbeknownst to me – had affected other areas of my life.
At the end of the session I could feel that I had released the negative emotions associated with that memory. I’ve experienced an incredible shift and transformation happen within me recently, and I honour that this session could very well have played a part in that.
Very glad I gave it a go with Szymon!



I had a session with Szymon as I was having chronic physical back pain. This was an ongoing issue that I have had for many years. Just recently I had my most extreme episode leaving me unable to move and carry out my day to day activities.

After one session with Szymon we looked at the underlying issue from a Meta health point of view and then began tapping around the stress of my issue and continued tapping on any other issues that arose, and finished the session with some matrix re imprinting.

After just a few days my physical state had improved dramatically and my emotional stress has also decreased and is not as severe as always. My pain has now gone down from a daily 6 out of 10 pain sensation to a 1 out of 10, and my stress and anxiety has improved dramatically. This is such a dramatic result from just one session. I highly recommend booking in with Szymon for any issue you may be experiencing whether it be physical, emotional or mental as his work is broad and extremely effective.

I look forward to many more sessions. Thanks again Healing Techniques.